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Sotheby's Auctions

Our auctions are either held on-site or in-rooms at our Parnell office. The location of the auction is a strategic decision depending on the type of property and potential buyers.

Regardless of where we hold our auctions, it is the fact that on each occasion, we (the salespeople and our auctioneer) are focussed solely on getting a result on one property, rather than that property being one of many in a busy schedule.  This gives us more time before and during the auction to ensure the ultimate result for our client.

Today, nothing could touch the theatre of an auction out front and on the street at 24 O'Neill Street in Ponsonby.  With the Saturday, 2pm auction time ensuring a great number of neighbours and friends in attendance to view first-hand an exceptional result, it was all the more exciting for the happy new owners to be at their new home at the time of purchasing it!

Posted: Friday 10 March 2017

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